Would you lie for it?

University girl whose obsessed with baseball (Blue Jays and Pirates), hockey (Red Wings), and biology.

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things get heated between the canadians and the americans


how tf is bagged milk inconvenient omg u don’t need to remove a lid every time u want milk u just POUR it

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#i am sorry but this is the best post in existence

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#i am sorry but this is the best post in existence

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"Can you speak Canadian for me?"

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I’ll have a large double double

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A Song of Ice and Fire women & Pre-Raphaelite Art (+ associated artists): 

Joan of Arc (1865), John Everett Millais
- Night (1880-85), Edward Robert Hughes
Ophelia (1894), John William Waterhouse
Vanity (1907), Frank Cadogan Cowper
Mary Magdalene (1858-60), Frederick Sandys
The Soul of the Rose (1908), John William Waterhouse
Circe Offering the Cup to Ulysses (1891), John William Waterhouse
- Priestess of Delphi (1891), John Collier
The Beloved (1865), Dante Gabriel Rossetti
The Valykrie’s Vigil (1906), Edward Robert Hughes

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MCU Meme: [2/8] Characters

Maria Hill

"The battle of the New York was the end of the world. This - now - is the new world. People are different. They have access to tech, to formula, secrets they’re not ready for."

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Guardians of the Galaxy—Official Behind-the-Scenes Sneak Peek [x]

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What makes a great villain? for lokidhiddlestoner

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OH MY GOD one of our tigers did this (and it isn’t stuck on his head; one of the keepers went in to see if he needed help and he undid this and redid it on his own a few times) but oh my god hE’S PRETENDING TO BE A LION IM GONNA DIE